Yoga – a brainstorm

In preparation for teaching pregnancy yoga classes in my village, my yoga teacher asked me some questions and these are my thoughts…

What do you want for the women you are going to work with?

I want them to feel supported, to feel stronger, to look forward to the pregnancy yoga as a special space for them and their babies, to feel at ease and able to be open, to meet new people – hopefully good friends, to feel encouraged and get a boost for the week after the class, to be changed (even in the smallest of ways), to connect to their babies, to cry and laugh.

What makes someone authentic in yoga?

Someone who believes in the benefits of yoga, who can be honest with themselves about the things they struggle with and avoid in yoga, who spend time doing a personal practice, even if not every day. Someone who practices yoga not for the personal achievement or for burning calories or pushing themselves into difficult positions but to observe their bodies, stretch, spend time, prepare for quiet meditation.

What is the point of yoga?

So many benefits for the body… stretches it, makes it stronger, works with areas that are weak, alleviates pain. Strengthens the mind, helps us be in the present, connect with our bodies and be in the moment, to slow our mind down so it is not constantly racing ahead, reduces stress, gives us some time out from a busy day or prepares us for the day ahead. Gives emotional support, helps with depression and anxiety by taking us out of worries and into a calmer, more joyful space.

Marie, my yoga teacher says:

Yoga gives freedom – by helping us to have a different relationship with our thoughts – and using them as a sign post to our practice.


Photo – Grand Teton NP